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South Congregational Church is a small but spirited place of worship, and our members want to help make you feel welcomed. We are a diverse group and welcome all who want to come together to worship God and bear witness to Jesus' message of peace, justice, love, and healing.

On October 4, 1972, the original Church building on this site was destroyed by a fire of unknown origin. Everything was destroyed, save for the charred communion table, cross, candlesticks, and our Bible. The miracle is that these items were only 7 steps away from the organ, which was totally destroyed!

The current Church building was dedicated on October 27, 1974. The surviving Bible, table, cross, and candlesticks have a place of honor in our Church. The three hanging plants above the choir area are a symbol of the living trinity, and the hanging light fixtures at the front of the sanctuary have 12 lights each, as symbols of the 12 disciples. The brass hanging cross was a gift to our Church from Third Congregational Church.

Groups and Activities at South Congregational

Womens' Association Wacky Wednesday Wellness
(meets on Tuesdays)
Clarion Common Ground
Coffee House
Advent Festival
Fall Harvest Bazaar South Waterbury Seniors
Piedmont Players AA Meetings
(Mondays and Thursdays)
Hopeville Neighborhood